Shih Tzu grooming and haircuts

Shih Tzu, also known as the Chinese Lion dog is a very small dog with its height ranging from 20 to 28 centimeters and weighing approximately 4 to 7.5 kilograms. They come in various colors ranging from Gold, Light Brown, White, Black, Black/White and Brindle Red. A Shih Tzu has hair in abundance. The dropping ears and the high set tail are covered with a lot of hair. These dogs are very bossy and arrogant but they are also smart and unique in training.


This breed is a long haired one, which requires grooming on a daily basis or at least every other day. Grooming is essential to keep them in a healthy condition and to keep their coats sparkly.

Groom the Ears, Eyes, Mouth and Face.

It is important to check whether the eyes, ears, mouth and face of your dog show any sign of irritation. Wipe the face of the dog with a warm wet cloth and clean the eyes of any residue formed in the corners which can cause any sort of irritation.

Now, check the teeth and gums for any sign of dirt. Use a toothbrush and a dog toothpaste to clean the teeth. Brushing their teeth will kill all the germs and your dog will have a great smelling breath.

Next, check the ears for any dust or debris they might have picked up while on walk. Also keep a check on the eyebrows and the mustache. Trim them if they have grown very long, as having too much hair around the eyes may cause a disruption in vision.

When you bathe your dog, specific dog shampoo or even shampoo for women, might make their fur much more elegant and shinier than it usually is. This will give them a prestigious look. When you bathe your pet, check so that the water’s temperature is the right for your dog. This means neither too warm, nor too cold. Generally you can see it from the reactions of your dog (if he is enjoying it, or not). While bathing, you might want to pay extra attention at specific body parts, which usually get dirty and are hard to see, like the hair on their legs, especially if they can reach close to the floor.

After you bathe your puppy, it is the ideal time to try and unknot any fur that might be tangled, while it is wet and soft. You can untangle it by brushing his coat and then wiping him with a towel to keep the hair from tangling again. Be careful to brush him softly and with great attention, because otherwise you might hurt him.

Brushing of your pet’s fur must be performed daily. You can schedule it for a specific time each day.

Different Styles of Haircut

The Practical Shih Tzu Cut

This is one of the most common and the easiest hair cut for this kind of dogs. All you need to do is tie a pony on the head by gathering your pet’s hair with a ribbon or a clip. To emphasize more on this style you could trim the hair of rest of the body to inch from the skin. Do not over trim it also as it may make your dog look naked.

The Teddy Bear Cut

In this type of a cut the hair of the face are left long and just trimming it to a longish length. The hair of the rest of the body is cut to a shorter length. This makes your dog look cute and very huggable, just like a teddy bear.

The Show Cut

As the name suggests, in a show cut, the length of the hair of the entire body is kept long. Only a top notch is required. The hair is made shinier by constant brushing. Such type of a hair cut is mostly adopted in dog shows.

Other than this the grooming of a Shih Tzu involves clipping of its nails once a month, cleaning the anal area regularly, bathing them at least thrice a week. Brush their hair regularly to avoid any tangled hair or a complete messed fur.

Taking care of a Shih Tzu may be a tedious job so keep that in mind before buying one as a pet for yours.

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