German shepherd health problems and issues

German Shepherd health problems fall into two basic categories – general and severe. There are numerous minor infections that your dog can be affected with; knowledge about these issues can prevent them from turning into serious problems. Having a dog is a great responsibility and it is your responsibility as the owner, to learn some basic health-related problems your dog might experience. Sometimes these issues are steadily developing and other times they can happen unexpectedly, in an instant; however, if you pay regular visits to the vet and keep in contact with the breeder of your dog, you can learn how to uncover the symptoms of some diseases. In this manner, you can assist your dog’s health in a better way and know the right time to get it to the vet for a prophylactic check up.

You can accurately illustrate the symptoms to the veterinarian if you know what to actually look for in your dog. This breed’s health problems can be easily detected if you visit the vet on a regular basis. Apart from that, should you see any behavior, which indicates problems or any kind of pain, you must visit the vet as soon as possible. It’s the job of professionals to determine the most efficient cure, suitable for your dog’s health. In fact, many times you will not be able to determine the causes and reasons behind your dog’s diseases without professional assistance.

However, the right information is always valuable for a timely reaction.

Following, are the most frequent health problems that German shepherds face.

Panosteitis is a disease found in this particular breed. It has to do with inflammation of the bones and it is usually met in younger German Shepherds, although in some rare occasions it can be found in elder too. Signs of “Pano” can be a dog’s lack of good mood, difficulty in standing and/or running and pain usually in legs, but it might also appear on other body areas. The symptoms will be present for a few days or weeks (depending on the dog’s stress levels and other factors), then they might vanish for a short period and reappear. This is to be expected.

Dysplasia of the elbow or the hip joint is a problem of the skeleton, which occurs because of an irregular growth of the joint of the hip. As a result of this condition, your dog may limp rather than walk normally and confidently. If left in this condition, when your pet grows older, it might suffer a very serious arthritis.

VWD, an acronym for Von Willebrand’s Disease, is one of the most popular health-related issues many pet owners face with German Shepherds. In such a condition, the dog will be incapable of using its blood clotting platelets. The severe bleeding will surely cause death, if left untreated, especially in case of a deep injury. The dangerous factor is that dogs with this disease have bleeding in their nose and gums without any visible wounds.

Your dog can suffer eye-related problems, such as improperly developed eyelids or cataract, in addition to problems with eyelashes growth, which cause a lot of pain to the dog.

Epileptic seizures are other problems that these dogs might experience. The indications consist of numerous convulsions and seizures.

Most dogs experience allergies of the skin. In addition, they can suffer allergies, related to dust, food, insects, and others.

Gastric torsion – a condition in which stomach substances or gas get trapped inside the dog; this leads to a severe stomach swelling. This condition can be extremely agonizing for your dog.

Perianal fistula – development of an irregular opening close to the anal area, again causing extreme pain for the dog. The major warning sign is a foul smell even when you have just bathed your pet.

A condition, related to issues with the nervous system is Degenerative Myelopathy or Chronic Degenerative RadiculoMyelopathy. The causality of this infection has not been found yet. It falls under the autoimmune category, in which the immune system of the dog attacks its own same shells, mistakenly conceiving them as threat. If your vet hasn’t met a dog suffering from this disease yet, he might have a difficulty detecting it. Its symptoms include difficulty in moving and standing, lethargy, laziness. Its symptoms are almost identical with those of arthritis or hip dysplasia.

This article mentioned some of the most common health problems that German Shepherds might face. Of course, you will have to make sure to pay frequent visits to your vet in order to catch any health issues early.

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