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Having a puppy at home can be a source of great experience. It also has many uses! A puppy can be the best companion for you and your family. They can really make you happy. The way they react can also be very attractive, since they are usually playful and goofy. When you are choosing a puppy for your home, there are various things that you need to take care so that you can spend your time in an exciting manner with it in the future and it can really be a good choice for your family. Having a puppy, is like taking a responsibility.

Once you start taking care of puppy, you may understand it is almost like growing up a baby. If you want your pet to be healthy, active and attached to you, then you should take care of it in such an extensive manner. Each and every thing related to the nurturing of the puppy should be done with immense care. This is a pet that is going to stay with you for a long period of time and can get very close to you and your family. The dogs can stay with you for about 15 years and sometimes more. The life expectancy of the dog may vary depending on the breed of course. If you are planning to get hold of a puppy, then there are certain things that you should take care so that you do not get into trouble later.

Choose a Dog Appropriate to Your Lifestyle

The breed of dog that you are choosing should be as per the lifestyle of yours. If you are living in an apartment which is small and there is no much space available for the dog to have proper physical activities, then you should find out a breed that is suitable to stay inside apartments and which do not require much amount of physical exercise. Big dogs inside a small apartment can make it really hard for both the dog and you to adjust. If you have an independent home and have enough space around your home, then do not hesitate to get hold of a huge dog.

Preparing a Dog Sitter

Before getting the dog at home, you should be sure that there is somebody to give company to your dog. If the dog is alone at home, when you are on the vacation there should be somebody to take care of it. Dogs love company and it is always good to find a person who can be close to your dog and take care of it when you are away from home.

Breed of the Dog

There are various kinds of breeds available. You should get the one that is suitable for your house. When you are choosing the breed make sure that it is of pure breed. In many cases, the mixed breeds are found less healthy and they may have shorter life expectancy. There are some mixed breeds which are popular and good though. The temperament of a dog can be determined by the basic nature of its breed. The rest usually depend on the way you are training the dog.



Puppies are the most important pets that everyone will have in their homes. So puppies need to be well trained to understand human language and understand the sentiments of your family members. Let us see some important qualities which are required from dogs that we have in our homes and the ways to train them well. Teaching him the language is the first step in puppy training. Can a dog be taught human language? Sure, you can always teach your pet your language. Just teach him a few words which you use regularly in your daily life and see how they react to them. Within a few days, the dog will surely learn and understand.

The next step in training is to differentiate between the family members and strangers. Once the dog becomes well acquainted with the family members, he will never forget them. So always treat the puppy with a lot of care and teach him to love the family members. Love is the one thing that helps any animal to adjust to any home.

There are different animals that we have as pets in our homes, but the puppies are quite different from them all. This difference lies in their attachment to the human race and the way in which they serve their owners. A kitten may someday leave its owner, but a dog never does that. Dog is famous for its loyalty and that’s why the people use dogs as their home guards. So considering all the things above, first decide the purpose for which you are having a dog in your home. Then select the best breed of dog and train it well in your home for fulfilling your needs.

Other Pets

If you already have other pets at your home, then the dog that you are choosing should be friendly to other animals. It will be really hard for you to manage the dog that gets ferocious at seeing other animals and birds. You can better get a clam puppy for your home and train it in a way that it becomes friendly with your other pets. The gender of the puppy should also be chosen as per your requirement. Male puppies used to be much aggressive and lively while female puppies are much calm and home loving. Decide what you need and get the puppy.


Consider Resource Availability

The next thing to consider is whether you are capable of taking care of a puppy. There should be appropriate place for the puppy to be kept at home. When you have decided to get a puppy for your home, then it is suggested to build a home for your puppy with all the facilities that it needs. Having a puppy at home is really expensive, so take this responsibility only if you are capable of fulfilling it properly.

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